February 8, 2010


Long before this writing begun, questions like --- “How will i publish it?; Who should i ask?; How did they earn such?; How did it become a Cash?; Who paid them? etc…” These questions did not only intrigue me but also pushed me to read professional blogs, develop my writing skills and most of all …. soon to earn also an extra income.

As of this writing, I am a beginner. I don’t have any idea if you will appreciate how I relate with you. But for sure, I am talking out my emotions and life experiences.

Why These Topics
For me, it all comes out naturally everytime I deal with life. Maybe because every minute of the day, we are breathing of what life means to us and how we get through life. If Microsoft Word automatically detects mistakes in the words we use during blogging, that’s how our body system reacts to matters that surround us. It’s natural, isn’t it?


It’s not because I only want to write. I write for many very good reasons. Among these, I’ve got three to enumerate:
1. I want to maximize my time and skills
2. I want to earn extra if not to become rich
(hahahaha…to wish is free anyway!)
3. I write because I wanted to make use of my talent and share to those who may need it…and I know one of them is my little VON PHILIPP.

Now, those are the reasons why I write. Behind these reasons, I have to let you know also who inspires me to do this writing.
1. The Professional Top Bloggers
2. Myself
(the Lord Almighty tells us....Love yourself and your enemy!)
3. My family…..especially (again…and I tell you from beginning to end…) my little VON PHILIPP.

What I Did Not Wish To Write

Since high school, I hate memorizing. I only did it because I have to pass my subjects. But you know, everytime examinations are scheduled, I do memorize one week before it takes place. I easily forget those stuffs!

I would not write on topics with figures, with names, places…..generally proper nouns (oh my gusssshh)! It will be disgusting if ever I state wrong names or misleading phrases.

Until When

As Shakespeare have said….
"Conversations should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affection, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood."

And another poet quoted…
”As long as your bones can still stand up with your soul, be a fighter. But be silent in the battle for if they will notice you fighting, they might fight you back. Though, be strong for only the strong survives.”

God bless us all!

February 6, 2010

A Beginner's Message

Ive been into searching top bloggers for the past two days. I have so much in mind now how to go with this blogging. As we await for the delivery of our second baby, perhaps i will spend the rest of the days on writing a journal - "blogging" as they call it, before our new angel arrives.

I only have a very short and simple wish to share to everyone:

"I wish i can also share who and what i am....leading to the world of blogging. It is simply for my beloved son...VON, for his future as a SPECIAL CHILD."

February 5, 2010

Do no Harm or Do some Good

As days pass by, living seems to be so tedious without the new technologies around, creamy foods, vices and most of all…..money in our pockets. Everyone fills the streets looking for jobs to quench the pockets and the wallets. Going through the deepest sections of our hearts, don’t we harm anybody or don’t we give something good to the things around us while giving life to what we do everyday?

I don’t think we need to harm someone just to get what we want. We need to do some good in order that someone catches an eye on us and probably offer us a living. We don’t need to pretend just to impress anyone. Simply, bring out what is inside us and the truth will set us to what and where we want to be. With the things we do, we just have to be patient in waiting for its result. Our expectations should correspond to the efforts we have done. Working filled with sincerity gives an extensive result but working filled with cleverness gives insignificant one. Sometimes when complex emotions steal the brain, it pushes us to do no good giving us a minus point. When we want to focus on our pursuit, we should always remember that doing no harm which makes it goodl, makes the sense of lifting us up in quest for our dream….of living a happy and contented life. It doesn’t mean we have all the new technology gadgets. We eat superior food, go to casinos and gamble or have our pockets filled with money!

Growing old while doing no harm and doing some good defines a comfortable if not an excellent living!